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anyone here think the bird from flappy bird is kind of hot? asking for a friend

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Brian Despain

In his first exhibit with Seattle-based Roq La Rue since 2009′s Requiarium (covered), Brian Despain (interviewed) is primed and ready with a whole bag of new tricks for his upcoming show next month. Opening Friday, February 11th, Tin Machines and Mercuric Dreams will continue to highlight the artist’s expertise with the brush, with a new series of brilliantly rendered oil paintings of his personable robot characters in desolate landscapes rife with iconography and symbolism for the viewer to draw meaning and inspiration from. This exhibit, however, will also feature Brian’s creative range in three-dimensions, as his first two bronze sculptures will be on display during the show. The early images we have here to share with you, both of some new paintings and drawings as well as one of the bronzes, look extremely promising and set the stage for an intriguing showing on the horizon.

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the monotone project ; page 8/?

the monotone project ; page 8/?

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hoseok in a tank top + smiles.

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I didn’t understand half of what V said other than Obama and he still ruined my day with his cute dumb self

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BAP’S love for food: A Summary

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he’s very …expressive? (•ิ_•ิ)

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140911 INFINITE Official Fancafe update 

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when you try to tell a joke but nobody gets it


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myung looks like a cute kid holding onto yeol while hoya looks like a creeper behind dongwoo (● ´ ▽ `)

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